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To scroll through Sydney Without a doubt, the bus is your best transport route. The buses are managed by State Transite and operate from six in the morning until midnight. There are buses that travel in the early morning but only on specific routes.

Transport bus

If you want to get to know Sydney, the bus is an excellent way to do it, since most of the routes move around the center. The most important stations are those that are located in: Circular Quay, Wynyard Park, and in the Central Station. The routes that start with ā€œXā€ are the buses that have limited stops and specific routes, while the routes that start with ā€œLā€ are that they only have limited stops. You can buy your ticket at the kiosks, TransitShps buses or paying the same driver.

Sydney bus

If you are traveling during the day to different areas of Sydney it is cheaper to buy special tickets that last a day or a week. The banknotes each way they cost 1.7 Australian dollars, for more information on routes, connections and promotions, visit the website:

Transport Sydney

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