Bus – Tenerife

To the bus, in Tenerife they call it the bus. The bus service is quite efficient and is managed by TITSA throughout the island, both urban and interurban lines.

In Santa Cruz of Tenerife there’s a Transport Exchanger which combines the services of buses, tram and parking to encourage the use of public collective transport.

The single ticket price It is € 1.30, and can reach up to € 14 as in the case of a one-way trip from Los Cristianos to Puerto de La Cruz. To make it cheaper, you can buy a Vono Bonus, with which each trip on the interurban metropolitan lines costs € 0.95, € 0.70 for urban Santa Cruz and € 0.55 for urban La Laguna. They also work on the tram and you can buy them for € 12 or € 30 and use it as a purse.

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