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Bus – Valencia

Many bus lines run through Valencia managed by the EMT. They arrive in every corner of the city between 5:30 and 23 hours with normal service, then until 2:30 the night services circulate.

Valencia city buses

To access a bus you must wait for it at the stops, canopies and poles with the information of the lines that stop there and other general notices of the network. To stop them you must make a sign by raising your hand.

Information screens

The ticket Simple costs € 1.25, sold by the driver. It is valid only for that trip. There are discount codes, but if you are a tourist, you should buy the T1, T2 or T3, which allow unlimited free travel, during 1, 2, or 3 days. It is not personal. Its price is of € 3.50, € 6 and € 8.60respectively. It can be used in the EMT and in Zone A of the Metro. It is sold and recharged in tobacconists, authorized kiosks and Metro stations.

Valencia canopies

The Valencia Card It is similar, personalized, with discounts and free tickets in museums and shops. Includes Metro areas A and B and airport lines. Rates: € 10, € 16 and € 20, depending on duration.

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