Bus – Venice

Venice city bus service provides it ACTV. There are 3 classes:

The terrestrial, which is limited to those who go to the mainland from Rome Square. The cost of single tickets is € 1.10.

The “Vaporetto”, is a water bus. There are 15 lines, but the most famous are 1 and 2, who travel the Great channel, from Sant’Elene to Rialto, in 45 and 30 minutes, respectively. There are two night service lines.

The tariffs They are: € 6.50 for the 60-minute one-way ticket, which excludes the Alilaguna, Clodia and Fusina lines. If you travel a lot, buy the Tourist Ticket by time: for 12 hours at € 16, 24 hours at € 18, 36 hours at € 23, 48 hours at € 28, 72 hours at € 33 and 7 days at € 50. For young tourists, aged 14 to 29, in possession of Rolling Venice Card (which costs € 4), there is a 3-day pass for € 18.

The “Traguetto” It is a service of Grand Canal crossing, where there are no bridges. It is done in small gondolas, and the trip for tourists costs € 2.

Buy your tickets at the authorized offices, if you do it on board you will pay a high surcharge.

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