Bus – Vitoria

The buses from Vitoria They are the most common way to get around in the city. A fleet of 79 gray vehicles (due to the emblem of the company in charge) and a network of 18 lines provide a good public transport service to the growing city of Vitoria.

The lines They are divided into 9 diurnal, 3 special and 6 nocturnal. The former have a schedule of 7.00 and 22.30, with some exceptions. They have a frequency of about 10 to 15 minutes per stop and 20 on Sundays or holidays. The lines Specials have a variable schedule. For example the line Buesa Arena is entirely dedicated to match days at the Stadium of the same name. The line El Salvador Cemetery goes to the city cemetery, several kilometers away. Finally, the night lines (called “Gautxori”) work on weekends from 23:00 to 06:00, each line covering different routes.

The price of a ticket Ordinary is 0.95 euros; round trip, 1.95 euros. In the case of night buses the price is 1.50 euros (1.25 with the wallet card). A monthly bonus has a cost of 25 euros. People over 65 or disabled only pay € 0.10 in all cases. It is recommended to pay with low value tickets within the bus because the company is only obliged to change the value of the ticket no more than 5 times.

For more information on each of the lines and the tariffs See the website of the Vitoria City Council:

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