Buses – Galicia

For travel through Galicia it is best to do it in the wide bus network They cross their roads.
Many private companies, among which Alsa (, they reach most of the cities in a very competitive interprovincial service. But, by regions, we can find many other companies, such as Castromil / Monbús (, Freire (, or Arriva (

Although the large number of small towns and districts of the Community of Galicia means that there are many local transport companies that provide service between them.

The Bus Stations of the provincial capitals are:
A Coruña, Gentlemen, 21, tel. 981 184 335
Ourense, Vigo National Highway (Barrio del Pino), tel. 988 216 027
Lugo, Constitution Square, s / n, tel. 982 223 985
Pontevedra, Avenida Estación, s / n, tel. 986 852 408

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