Buses – Turkey

Travel in buses for all Turkey It has the advantage of being able to choose among many companies that operate covering the entire territory with modern and comfortable services that stand out for their hygiene.

All companies travel with a driver and a companion who have the function of serving water, tea and coffee. Every 3 or 4 hours the coaches perform technical stops 30 minutes

In the case of luxury companies how Varan, Ulusoy and Kamil Koc, accompany hostesses and the catering Offers sodas too, all included in the ticket purchased. Many of the buses carry Internet services wireless (Wifi).
Other excellent services companies (without becoming luxury) operating in Turkey are Metro and Pamukkale.

The bus fares They vary according to the services offered and the number of stops they make in the villages. As an indication, we can tell you that a 900-kilometer trip can cost € 20 or € 30 depending on the service. They are not much more expensive than trains. Each population has terminal stations (“Otogar”) That usually they are located on the outskirtsTo connect with them from the center, companies have free minibuses.

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