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Business trip: get the most out of it

If we go to take a business trip We must have our itinerary organized in advance to make the most of it. To get the most out of a business trip and to enjoy the leisure and cultural offers offered by each destination, it is recommended:

Verify that the city to which we are going is not the headquarters of any international congress or fair. When this happens it is complicated get lodging, so if this is the case, we must book weeks in advance. All hotel data must be kept on hand in the personal agenda.

Only carry what is necessary and do not carry valuable items unless they are essential. It is ideal to wear one or two suits and complement them with combinable garments.

Confirm the flight 48 hours in advance and don’t forget to register the miles program to receive additional benefits. If there is a cancellation due to force majeure, do not forget that the air Line She is obliged to get us a seat on the next flight, even within another airline.

It is advisable to know what amenities the hotel has that can facilitate our work: broadband internet, WiFi, open telephone line, cable television – to inform us of local news, weather forecasts, and others – etc.

If we are not going to a specific meeting but in search of potential clients, it is ideal to contact them before traveling. If we send an email or make a call, we will be more likely to make an appointment. (It is advisable to verify the working days from the country to which we are going to travel so as not to coincide with a holiday that could reduce our business possibilities).

We must not overload our agenda. There should always be time for a business lunch, a second appointment with a client or any inconvenience that may arise.

It is ideal to have time to get to know the city, visit museums and monuments, visit friends, go shopping, and get a little distracted. We must have at least two or three hours off the agenda – apart from the hours of sleep. If we travel with other coworkers we can organize activities together.

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