By Plane in Catalonia

Flying over the coasts, the beaches and the steep contrasting reliefs between warm green and ocher tones is undoubtedly another experience worth mentioning.


Departing from Sabadell airport, in Catalonia, there is an established program that offers the best views of the region, in two modalities. The tour of the developed Catalonia, where its high industrial concentrations, its curved roads and a trip along the coasts will be known until reaching the encounter with the French border, which already marks the return through the interior of Catalonia observing the colorful Girona

The second option consists of a trip, little accessible for many of the tourists who have proposed trips through the natural and little known spaces of Catalonia overland … it is a trip that aims to expose the tourist with the best of the natural horizon, where you will appreciate the dense forests, its small villages allowing to approach a few meters from the ground to better appreciate the cultivation areas and open spaces increasing the emotion of the passengers, who surely will marvel at the magnificent hills of the Pyrenees, where the well-known Canigo and Cadi will be seen that remain snowed most of the year!

By Plane in Catalonia

To do this, contact Aerolink, at the Sabadell airport.

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