Cala Macarella – Menorca

The Cala Macarella It is located on the south coast of the island of Minorca, near Menorca Citadel. It is an area included in the protected area, then building is not allowed. The southern area has the most beautiful coves and beaches, and this cove especially is, with its blue and clear waters.

However it is one of the pristine beaches most crowded in summer, for being the best known. It has services and two parkings very close (the closest is paid), which makes it more accessible. It also has a beach bar, but it fills up quickly at lunchtime.

Sailing in Cala Macarella

To be able to have some more tranquility it is advisable to go to the beach next door, Macarelleta, within the same cove and 5 minutes walk. But yes: you must go very early.

Macarella beach in Menorca

Macarelleta is one of the beaches that admits nudism, but they won’t say anything if you don’t practice it.

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