Cala Turqueta – Menorca

Of all the beaches and coves of Minorca, the Turqueta Creek It is one of the most beautiful. It has a small beach with crystal clear turquoise waters with fine white sands. R is foundodeada of pines, that hide it from view.

Turqueta Creek in Menorca

Cala Turqueta is a virgin beach, but despite that, in the parking there is a small beach bar with services There you can buy drinks and some food. The beach has lifeguard service.

Turqueta Creek

A tip that we give you: as the sun quickly sets in Turqueta, it is best to place yourself well to the left side. In that location you earn half an hour of sunshine, depending on the month.

To arrive, from Citadel, you must go for it I walked from Sant Joan de Missa. The route to the public parking lot is very well signposted. From there you have to walk 10 minutes to the beach.

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