Camping on the beach

Depending on the preference of each person, there are also beach camps, the only difference is that they are open only in good seasons to be by the sea, such as:

camping on the beach


Located on Oleastrum Avenue, 243850, Cambris, Tarragona.
The place has a beautiful atmosphere, with an ideal climate next to the beach. During each of the days of stay in the camp, you will have fun with the activities that are organized for all attendees.
From March 13 to October 12.

camping on the beach at night

Camping Caravaning Bungalows CAMPING PEPE

This camping center has a large space, located on the beachfront.
All services properly located such as the playground, the supermarket, bars, restaurants and the sports area.
Among the bungalows you can choose according to the number of people and the comforts you want, among: club, alfa, mediterranée, cascorro, beta, beta 2 pax, mercury I and mercury II. Everyone's benefit is that they are by the sea, which ensures a wonderful view.
It is open all year.

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