Canyoning in Cuenca

Basin It is a Spanish destination that has several natural spaces ideal for lovers of adventure sports and outdoor activities. One of these offers is canyoning.

Canyoning Cuenca

He canyoning in Cuenca It is characterized by having ideal spaces for all types of adventurers – from beginner to expert in this activity – and by the constant presence of water at each point of the route.

The canyoning practice It is ideal between the months of March and October and usually requires half a day of our time so it can be included in all types of itinerary. In our tours we can jump pools, find waterfalls, slide down slides, etc.

Canyoning by Cuenca

In Cuenca three canyons stand out for the canyoning practice:

The Devil's Window. This descent that offers us an activity of at least three hours, is also known as the Barranco de Los Cortados, and is ideal to start in this sport. Your tour can be done from the age of eight so it can be an activity we do as a family.

The Barranco Portilla. Here we are already facing an intermediate level canyon and that is only recommended for over twelve years. It is recommended to wear wetsuit, helmets, ropes, and dry clothes to change at the end of the activity.

canyoning in Cuenca

Arroyo de la Dehesa. If we have done canyoning before and visited intermediate intensity destinations, we can opt for this point. Here we can do an activity of at least five hours and to do an optimal job, we recommend having climbing shoes, ropes, helmet and others, since here we will have obstacles such as slides, jumps and rappels.

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