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Capitoline Museums- Rome

The Capitoline Museums of Rome It is believed to be the oldest public museums in the world. Born in 1471, by order of Sixtus IV, with a donation of bronze statues to the people of Rome.

They are located in the Piazza del Campidoglio, occupying the two opposite buildings known as Palazzo dei Conservatori Y Palazzo Nuovo, both communicated by an underground gallery that also gives access to Tabularium, a room under the Palazzo Senatorio, where the important inscriptions of the Republic and the Empire were kept.

The Museum of the Palazzo dei Conservatori he exhibits in his courtyard fragments of the monumental statue of Constantine that was in the Forum, and the famous Capitoline wolf, an Etruscan bronze from the 6th century B.C. In the Capitolina Pinacoteca there are works of the highest value, highlighting those of the Venetian school.

The Palazzo Nuovo houses the Capitoline Museum, with the sculptures of emperors and personalities of antiquity in the Hall of the Emperors and the Hall of the Philosophers. Here is the original statue of Marco Aurelio, whose copy is in the Plaza del Campidoglio, this is the only equestrian statue that remains of the time.

The Museums open from Tuesday to Sunday between 9 and 20 hours. The tour is quite long to do, keep it in mind to plan your day.

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