Car rental – Bilbao

The car rental in Bilbao It is quite useful only if you leave the city, since public transport within it is quite good. For rent You need your driver’s license, be over 21 years of age and, in most companies, have a debit or credit card.

The main rental companies within Bilbao They are:

  • Avis (Telephone: 944275760;
  • Europcar (Telephone: 944239390;
  • Hertz (Telephone: 94415 3677;
  • Alquibilbo (Phone: 902323220;
  • ATESA (Phone: 944234285;

Most companies have offices in the Bilbao airport or in the Abando Station. Some include in the rate the delivery and collection of vehicles from hotels or the Airport.

Traffic is strong at peak times due to the narrow streets and the high volume of cars. Find space for Park On the street it is rare, and parking fees are high and for a limited time. There is parking lots underground in various parts of the city as in New Square. The city council urges not to use the cars when placing parking lots Free in several subway stations. However, the schedule is from 06:00 to 23:00, as is the subway.

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