Car rental – Edinburgh

Depending on the company of any car you hire, the conditions vary, but normally you must have a valid driver’s license, you can show that of your country, if it is not European or is not translated into English they will request an international license. An address is also mandatory for verification and do not forget that you must pay by credit card, it is essential in this type of services.

Car rental

Make sure the type of insurance offered by the company you hire, they are usually differentiated by the rate you pay and if you are older than 23 years discard this option.

During peak hours, traffic becomes heavy outside the city, especially where the main business parks are located. As for parking in the center it is not difficult, although there are streets through which only public transport is allowed.

The most recognized companies are:
Avis It charges from £ 45 pounds per day, with no mileage limit, with collision waiver, protection in case of theft and taxes. His website is
Hertz It offers the service for £ 40 pounds, with the same conditions as Avis. His website:
Arnold Clark Car Rental, its price ranges from £ 19 per day, but its limit is 400km (250 miles) and drivers must have a driving license at least one year old. His website:

Car parking

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