Car rental – Formentera

Renting a car in Formentera It can be a solution if we go with family and children. Many rental companies, whether local or international, are located on the island.

Car rental in Formentera

The terms Rent are those known in Spain, although they usually put some restrictions in the case of children under 23 years. The tariffs They vary by month, in summer they are higher and it is convenient to book well in advance.


The offer of models and type of vehicles It is very wide. Therefore, maybe if we go as a couple, it is more comfortable to rent a scooter or a motorcycle, which will allow us to park more simply. Or tempt us with bikes, if we take into account that the longest route to be made can be 21 kilometers.

Electric bicycle in Formentera

Both cars and bicycles are available in electric versions. The only company that markets them is Elektracar, which has its offices in the port of La Savina. The daily rates They range from € 12 per day for an electric bicycle up to € 40 per car.

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