Car rental – Granada

Rent a car in Pomegranate it will allow us the necessary freedom to reach all the sites of interest in the surroundings without depending on the bus or taxi service.

Streets of Granada

The best places are, as soon as we get to the city, both the Airport, as the Bus or train station. Another option is to do it via Internet with enough anticipation, which can guarantee a good rate. But in the same city you will find offices of the most recognized companies and other stores.

Driving license

We can get a cheap car from € 34 a day. To be able to rent it you must be over 23 years old, with a driver’s license at least 2 years old and be in possession of a credit card. In any case, each of the companies has particular conditions, so if you do not meet all the requirements it is possible that with the payment of a special fee they will allow you to hire. Consult each of the companies.

Rental cars

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