Car rental – Lanzarote

To hire a car rental in Lanzarote It is necessary to be over 21 for those of type A, B and C. For those of higher ranges you must be over 25. It is also required to have Driver’s license valid at least one year old.

Driving license

In the case of Spanish citizens and other countries of the European Union, the identification document requested is the national document or passport. In the case of non-European citizens, a passport with the visa is required, written in Latin alphabet and International Driving Permit (IDP).

Credit card

At the time of booking the driver must present a credit card valid with sufficient credit to cover the equivalent of the rental charge.

Car rental

Rental cars cannot be taken off the island towards any destination, under the responsibility of the driver who will be responsible for all costs in case of ignoring this prohibition. If you plan to travel to the other islands you must take it into account.

All municipalities have rental offices for local and international companies. You can choose from a wide range.

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