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For the tourists Definitely the easiest thing is to rent a car, so you can travel around the Victoria region without problems. Thanks to the internet today it is easier to book cars in the city where we will travel. To get to Melbourne International Airport You just have to pick it up and start your tour.

Rent a car Melbourne

But in the same city Melbourne There are campaigns where citizens are invited to walk, ride a bicycle or take public transportation. But there is also a program called “Carshare” Ideal for those who visit the city and only need the car for days, or for residents who do not use it every day. It is an excellent way to avoid the excessive use of cars. We offer you some companies that provide this service in various parts of the city.
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Rent a car Melbourne Australia

In Australia it drives to the left side, therefore cars have the steering wheel to the right. In Melbourne the streets have a very logical order but being a large city it is better to have a map of the city at hand. In general it will not be difficult to find parking, 70,000 spaces are distributed in about 140 areas. Keep in mind that time is regulated by parking meters and there are limits. And during the “Clearway” it is forbidden to park near the Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Park, and areas near the municipality. This occurs between seven thirty in the morning and six thirty in the afternoon.

Melbourne car rental

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