Car rental – New York

The car rental in NY it’s quite expensive, more than any other city in U.S. Several agencies ignore their usual offers for city. Therefore it is better to book in time to get the best prices.

Without reservation A medium-sized car can cost at least $ 100 per day without counting extra charges such as 13.375% tax and insurance costs. In addition, you are generally asked to make a deposit of more than $ 500 if you do not have a credit card.

For rent a car You need a driver’s license. It is strongly recommended to have a International Driving License (IDP), since it is much more valid for the city’s traffic police. The law no longer decrees to be greater than 25 to rent, but companies are allowed to charge even more, making it almost prohibitive.

The main Business from rental of the city are:

It should be noted that drive in NY It is not an easy thing. The traffic It can be stressful and difficult for those who are not used to it and a large percentage of taxis drive very aggressively. The parking It is almost non-existent in very populated areas and tourist attractions, and the prices of garages They can cost $ 40 a day.

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