Car rental – Rome

Car rental in Rome is a serious decision. If our intention is to leave the airport to the city center, it is better to use public transport.

Roads of Rome

But it can be useful, if we stay on the outskirts of the city, arriving at night will be complicated. Or if we intend to move to nearby towns like Tivoli Y Ostia, with a car we would have full freedom of movement.
The rates are similar to the Spanish ones, you can get a car from € 45 a day and even find deals for weekends.

Rental car

You can drive the dream car, a Ferrari, a Lotus or any other high-end, most rental companies in Rome offer them.

Models for rent

You have to be very cautious when driving, traffic is chaotic and the excess of motorcycles gets to bother. Parking is a problem: there are few areas and most are paid and very expensive. In the center there is an area “ZTL”, which limits circulation during the day. At night the circulation is closed in Trastevere Y San Lorenzo. If you consider that gasoline in Italy is more expensive than in Spain, the decision is complicated.

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