Car rental – Stockholm

The car rental in Stockholm it’s simple. Most companies are in the city and its two airports, and the requirements are not difficult to meet. You only need to be 20 years old (in some 25 locations) and have a driving license and a credit card.

Car rental in Stockholm

International companies are somewhat more expensive, but they are convenient if you leave Stockholm since they own premises in all cities. If you plan to stay in the city, the premises – which are often at the gas stations under the “biluthyrning” and “hyrbilar” signs – are much cheaper.

These are the main companies of car rental:

International companies

Swedish companies

  • Mabi Hyrbilar (
  • OK-Q8 (Their website is only in Swedish. Click where it says “hybrilar” to see the car pages )
  • Statoil (Its page is also in Swedish, click on “uthyrningsstationer” to see the cars and on “priser”, to see the prices

Rent a car in Stockholm

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