Car rental – Tokyo

He car rental in Tokyo It is an alternative not to depend on the schedules of the metro, bus and other means of public transport. He car rental in Tokyo It will depend on our needs and budget.

Before deciding rent a car in Tokyo, we must bear in mind that: In the center of the city it is very common to produce traffic jams that can last for hours; it is very difficult to recognize the streets because a nomenclature system is not used but they are identified by numbers; tolls are expensive; and, parking areas and garages are not easy to locate.

We can rent a car in Tokyo two ways. Making an online reservation after choosing the type of car and the number of days we want to rent it and, looking in the same city for car rental agencies.

The first modality is ideal if we want to forget about paperwork since it will be the selected agency that will be responsible in our country to get us the car so that we only have to collect the keys and take the car directly. These agencies usually give discounts ranging from 15 to 25 percent of the final amount depending on the advance of the reservation and car model. Rental prices average 54 euros per day and usually include basic insurance. In times of greatest demand (especially between November and March) the average rental is 100 euros.

To drive in Tokyo, you must have an international driver's license (which is processed in the country of origin of each tourist), and know that the Japanese circulate on the left side of the street, unlike the vast majority of Western countries . Drivers must be one year old and the minimum age to rent a car is between 19 and 26 years old, although they are usually 21 years old.

Between the car rental companies Japan's largest have: Toyota Rentacar (tel: 0070 8000 10000 toll free number), Rentacar Mazda, Nissan Rentacar (tel: 0120 004 123 toll free number), Rentacar Nippon (tel: (03) 3485 7196) and Rentacar Orix. They operate in hundreds of outlets throughout Japan, offering cars in all sizes and, in some cases, large vans, buses and recreational vehicles.

In Spain the most recommended company is Europcar as it works with the main agencies of car rental in Tokyo. Europcar is located in Counter AT. 1st Floor, terminal 1. 1-15-13 Haneda Ota-Ku, 144-0043 Tokyo. Telephone: +81 3 37452822.

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