Car rental – Vienna

For rent a car in Vienna You must only present your driving license (for countries outside the European Union you must have an international license) and be over 21 years old. Third party insurance is mandatory in Austria.

Among the main companies are:

Keep in mind that in Vienna the trams have priority and that cars They must wait when they pick up passengers. Pedestrians also expect you to stop at crossings, so it is better to go slowly to avoid incidents.

Districts 1 through 9 and 20 are paid parking areas. You will notice the signs that say “Kurzparkzone”. This area requires “Parkscheins” or parking vouchers that can be purchased at any store. There are 30 (0.60 euros), 60 (1.20 euros) and 90 (1.80 euros) minutes. To validate them you must fill in the time and date data and put them on your windshield.

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