Carnival Cruise a Luxury Spa

This will be a new type of Cruise for the line, a huge cruise that will house more than three thousand passengers, huge leisure areas and luxurious on-board casinos. But the focus of this cruise is the “Comfort”And“ Wellbeing ”of the traveler while traveling along the Norwegian coasts.

Carnival Cruise

The Carnival Cruise which will be leaving this July 2008, it will have the largest cruise-level spa, with 68 hydromassage rooms, extensive areas for fitness and luxurious private thermal bath cabins. In addition, Carnival Cruise passengers will have the facility of obtaining daily appointments for the spas and free classes of Fitness.

Spas on Luxury Cruises

Spa private and custom cabins are the new trend at the cruise level; so the Carnival line “Costal Cruises”Fulfilled the privilege of being the first to offer these services with great success last summer.

The Carnival Cruise

In addition to the itineraries for this luxury cruise oriented to the rich spas, there will be an itinerary in which you intend to travel through northeastern Europe in a 12-day program, from July 13 to August 30, 2008, visiting the ports from Copenhagen, Berlin, Helsinki, two days in St. Petersburg, Tallinn and finally the cozy port of Amsterdam.

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