Castrelos Park – Vigo

The Castrelos Park It is an urban park that serves as a leisure, sports area, concert venue and the great green lung of Vigo. It was donated to the city by the Marquis de Alcedo, its former owner.

This true gem of more than 24 hectares Extension has a variety of gardens and facilities that the city enjoys all year. Among those we find one of the best auditoriums Outdoor of Spain. Located in the central area and divided in two by a water pit, it is shaped like a Roman amphitheater because it takes advantage of the hillside where it is situated.

A artificial lake, with waterfalls and water jets with unevenness, it is inhabited by water birds that live among the walkers that cross the lake by the bridge that crosses it.

In the second half of the 18th century the Pazo Quiñones de León, which today houses a Museum in which we can visit archeology rooms, Galician painting, decorative art and, among other samples, see a collection of Sagardelos ceramics. Right behind you can visit the french garden. With a design that reminds us of the gardens of Versailles, with a maze of myrtle trees in the center have a fountain with granite dolphins.

To the right of the French garden we find the English garden, with the traditional aesthetic of flora in appearance of free growth that characterizes this type of gardens, with “The Fountain of Neptune” inside.
The Rose garden To the left of the French garden is a walk with sculptures and arches where the rose bushes climb.

All this park of romantic gardens and very careful are the favorite place to develop activities by the vigueses.

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