Cava tasting

The tasting of cava is one of the popular ones in the public that begins in the wine tasting. In most workshops, and given its duration that ranges between two and three hours, they will focus on learning the basics that determine the quality of a wine cellar: Cleanliness, color and effervescence.

Why these three characteristics? Simple. A cava must be to have a bright and clean transparency; meet some of the color ranges they have and that range from lemon yellow to almost golden; and of an ideal effervescence for the correct formation of the foam (this is also determined by a correct temperature that must go from eight to ten degrees Celsius).

Within the tasting of cava we will also follow two steps: the olfactory phase, where we can differentiate primary / secondary / tertiary aromas that can be included within the floral, fruity range even influenced by oak barrels and the bottles in which they are stored.

And the taste phase, where the balance of flavors formed by sweet, bitter, burning and fresh sensations will be differentiated.

At the Spanish School of Tasting in Madrid they offer cava tasting workshops. It is located in c /. Zaragoza, 6, 2nd floor-28012 and for seventy euros the person can access a three-hour tasting. They will teach us the different types of cava, the techniques for the cava service (temperature and conservation, mainly), in addition to learning the basic notions of visual, olfactory and tasting analysis.

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