Cave Hotels in Spain

Between Guadix, Galera and Baza, we can find a form of unusual accommodation and in harmony with nature. We refer to hotels within caves, for example, small hotels within caves in Andalusia, where living or spending a pleasant weekend is no longer part of prehistory since we will find the essentials to live up to amenities such as water, food, Wi-Fi, hot tubs, swimming pools, among others.

Hotel in Cuevas

Within the hotels in recommended caves we have:

El Calón Cuevas del Almanzora: First of all we have this beautiful complex located in Playa El Calón, s / n – Cuevas del Almanzora (Spain). This complex has been built in 2003 and has a total of 28 apartments spread over 3 floors. All the comforts and facilities necessary for a pleasant stay.

Hotelito Mediterráneo: With a name more than suggestive, and located in C / Blas Infante 17, this is a nice destination to spend a fun weekend. All the first level services, entertainment and recreation environments, among other amenities make this hotel a difficult offer to refuse.

Hotel La Parra: With a total of 46 rooms, we are facing a good alternative for those looking for accommodation without spending too much money. Its location is at Avda. Atrales, 28.

El Calón: This is a complex that awaits a good list of independent apartments with panoramic views of the entire city. Located in Playa El Calón, s / n, get ready to enjoy a range of luxuries with conditioned environments, swimming pool, spa, bar and restaurants. Everything you always dreamed in one place.

Cave Hotel

Hotel El Perejil: With a name more than suggestive, this hotel offers you a first class service with all the comforts. Ideal for travelers and backpackers with low budget, comfortable environments and a rustic style. Located in Ctra. A-332 Km-7 Caves of Almanzora.

Desert Springs Resort: If you are one of the people with demanding tastes, then your thing is to go to Desert Springs Resort, a complex designed for your comfort and privacy. From here you can appreciate panoramic views and the best sports activities to live an intense day. Located in Ctra. Las Cunas-Palomares.

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