Cave of Todoque – La Palma

The Natural Monument of Volcanic Tube of Todoque, known as the Todoque Caves, is located between the towns of Las Manchas and Todoque, in the municipality of The Plains of Aridaneon the island of The Palm.

It is a volcanic cave of half a hectare, formed in a lava wash during the eruption of the San Juan volcano, in 1949. It consists of a gallery about 3 meters wide and about 560 meters long. It does not have much depth, so its roof, in which there are a dozen vertical mouths, is very thin.

The tube cavity is divided into two galleries: Todoque I, the eastern and most extensive part, and Todoque II, the western and lower part. It is remarkable the existence, on the surface, of lavas of very particular types that make it unique in La Palma.

In the cave we can find a great variety of invertebrates adapted to the underground environment. Also the population of mosses and lichens of striking colors adds to our walk a particular charm.

If the speleology You are interested in this tube is the right one to start. It does not have great difficulties to have breadth in its vaults. Before venturing, inform yourself of the conditions in the Tourist Office, it is likely that there may be some type of restriction for visits. Check the access roads, the area is completely uninhabited. Take all kinds of precautions.

And the most important: be extremely respectful of the environment.

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