Cheap accommodation – Paris

Finding a cheap, beautiful, comfortable and clean accommodation is a bit difficult task in Paris. But if you are looking to save expenses, this is undoubtedly one of the items that can help you. It is necessary that you search according to your travel plan, if you will be in Paris for a few days we recommend you to find cheap hotels or hostels, but if you will stay a month or more it would be interesting that you consider renting a flat or a room in a family house.

Cheap Room

Generally in the center of Paris are the most expensive hotels, their prices fluctuate between 120 and 250 euros a night, but there are nearby accommodations that offer cheaper prices. They are hostels where rooms are shared, the night can cost from 20 euros per person.

Room Le Montclair Montmartre

For example in the most artistic neighborhood of Paris, Montmartre you can stay in hostels like the Square Caulaincourt, Le Montclair Montmartre for only 25 euros a night in shared rooms and bathrooms. It will also be easy for you to reach the Young and Happy Hostel, 15 years old, ten minutes from the Notre Dame Cathedral and where you can find beds from 24 euros.

Without a doubt, it is a matter of being informed correctly to choose an accommodation. Do not discard the rooms that some French families usually rent.

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