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Cheap paradisiacal destinations

Traveling is a pleasure but we must not think that to do so it is necessary to have a large budget because there are destinations that are cheap and that their tourist and natural attractions make them paradisiacal, among these we find:

India Its attractions full of culture, mysticism, history and reflection, make India one of the favorite destinations for those seeking a spiritual destination, being one of the cheapest countries in the world. Although the plane ticket is usually high (the average is one thousand three hundred euros) the prices of accommodation, food and others are cheap, for example, a dinner can cost 1.5 euros and accommodation from 6 euros per night.

Laos. Ideal for its natural attractions such as forests, waterfalls and fields, Laos is a cheap Asian destination where we can with a budget of 25-30 euros a day pay for accommodation, eat and walk around the city. If we want to buy a souvenir for us or the family, in Laos we can buy handicrafts from one euro each.

Honduras. Its beaches, spaces for outdoor activities, islands and reefs make Honduras an ideal destination for all types of travelers. In this country we can eat something light for less than 0.30 cents or a restaurant for about three euros; In addition, if we are diving enthusiasts we will find agencies that offer packages of four to five days with everything included for less than two hundred euros.

Ecuador. One of the cheapest destinations in Latin America and that stands out for its beautiful beaches like Montañita and Atacames. In this destination we will find accommodation from 15 euros a night and we can eat in bars or local restaurants for an average of five euros.

Other recommended destinations for a cheap trip they are: Indonesia, we can travel to their islands by buying a boat ticket for less than ten euros; Morocco, we will find accommodation for less than fifteen euros and we can move around the city on the train to save money and Poland, which with a historic center full of impressive heritage is one of the cheapest Eastern European countries finding offers to eat for less of 3 euros.

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