Chianti wine

The origin of Chianti wine, It’s in Siena, Italy. It is a very strong red wine, but with a pleasant flavor.

chianti wine bottles

In this region everything is rural, and it is to be in contact with the same nature, that this wine is of quality. The place is surrounded by hills, which offers a wonderful landscape.

The Sangiovese grape It is the one used for the production of Chianti wine, but according to the type of wine it is the quantity of the grapes. Sometimes it is mixed with plums.

chianti wine

Classic Chianti wine. This wine has not become Classic only in name, but to meet several standards at the time of production, such as: use the minimum amount of grapes for winemaking, we are talking about a 80% Sangiovese grape.

classic chianti wine

The ruby wine color, which is because of the amount of red fruits and dried fruits, which are used for mixing, and which in turn favor their aroma.
Content alcohol should not be less than 12 degrees, while the minimum degree of acidity should be 4.5 degrees.

Radda in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti and Gaiole in Chiant, are the villages where Chianti Wine is produced.

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