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China Travel – The Great Wall

The only building built by man whose magnitude can be appreciated from space, with more than 7000 km in length, its splendor is only comparable with the constructions of the pyramids. Located in China, this construction was created to prevent enemy attacks and covers more than 6000Km of border with Korea. It is not surprising that this colossal monument is part of the most populous country in the world.

The Chinese wall from space.The journey through the wall

The wall itself is a union of different walls built over time, each of these walls was built with the materials closest to the area so that throughout the trip through the wall we will find different materials and different ornaments. All these walls were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.

Without a doubt, the great wall of China is a great example of the efforts of civilizations to defend what they claim as theirs, this time giving rise to a monument worth traveling and visiting.

Journey through the great wall

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