Chocolate bath in Granada

Among the novel beauty and relaxation treatments that we find in the spa is chocotherapy. This treatment is based on the nutritional and relaxing qualities of cocoa.

Chocolate baths help us prevent aging and are an important anti cellulite agent in addition to being an antioxidant due to its concentration of caffeine. Among the recommended chocolate baths in Granada is the one offered by Balnearia Granada (located in Recogida, 24 – Galería Edificio Castro).

Among the treatments offered we have intense chocotherapy that includes exfoliation, wrap, hydration and massage. In the wrapper we will receive a complete hydration with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The average duration is ninety minutes and is priced at 79 euros.

Another option is the chocolate bath, this service has a price of 29 euros and an average duration of thirty minutes. This cocoa bath is ideal for its nutritional properties, antioxidants and for being a natural skin remodeler.

Other chocolate baths in Granada are those offered by: Spa Urbano Balneario de Elvira, where for a price of sixty euros we will receive the bathroom and have access to the water circuit; and the one offered by Aquaterm Spa Urbano.

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