Chocolate bath in Spa

If we are looking for new alternatives in topics of relaxation and body hydration, we must discover the chocolate baths in spa, also called chocotherapy. This alternative technique based on cocoa will help our body to relieve stress, in addition to vitalizing our skin leaving it soft and with a scented smell.

Most chocolate bath sessions last 45-75 minutes and include massages and aromatherapy. In the spas and spa it is usually included in a tour that begins with water circuits of different intensities (in swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and showers) and then choose the option of chocotherapy that is of our liking.

One of the most popular chocolate bath options is to be able to immerse ourselves in a chocolate bath that we
It will tone the skin helping the elimination of toxins and causing a revitalizing and relaxing sensation in our body.

Another modality that we can request in the chocolate bath are the wrappers. With this technique we will cover the body with a special mouse that includes cocoa, almond oil and other nutrients and then cover ourselves with an electric blanket that will favor the absorption of these components.

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