Chocotherapy in Granada

During your visit to the city of Granada, do not hesitate to encourage yourself to visit one of the many beauty centers where the most innovative relaxation treatments and spa sessions are applied. In that sense, there is a trend that has become very popular in recent years, we are talking about traditional chocolate baths, an excellent way to rehydrate the body and relieve tensions. Would you like to try a chocolate bath?

Chocotherapy in Granada

We rarely have the opportunity to see a proposal as original as the chocolate baths in Granada, an activity that is becoming increasingly popular in the city, with considerable demand from the tourist public. This is how chocolate baths have a series of nutritious and relaxing qualities.

Among the most considerable benefits of chocolate baths is the care and prevention of aging, thanks to its anti cellulite properties that work as an excellent antioxidant, not to mention the contribution of cocoa and caffeine.

Chocotherapy Granada

Granada is one of the centers with more activity for this type of modern treatments, with different scenarios and suggestive places where tourists can experience a chocolate bath session.

As a reference we have Balnearia Granada, one of the most referential points to attend a session of relaxation and skin care. The establishment is located in Recogida, 24, inside the Castro Building Gallery.
Chocolate baths, or also called intense chocotherapy, have a complete service that goes from exfoliation, through wrapping and hydration, and ending with a gentle massage.


Among the ingredients that can be additionally included are: carbons, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and much more. Each session demands about 30 minutes and the price ranges from 30 euros.

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