Choose the means of transport to travel: Which is the safest?

When we decide to organize a trip, various questions arise about the chosen means of transport. In this article, we talk about the different options, from the bicycle to the plane. Likewise, we inform about the security in each of them.

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.


The means of transport safest in the world It is the plane. Although some serious accidents have been known in recent years, the number of victims is much lower than other means such as the car.

According to statistics, the possibility of an airplane having an accident is one of 2.5 million, so it is a very low figure. In addition, only 20% of accidents are fatal. The number of victims is not high if we take into account that every year more than 3,000 million passengers travel by plane.

It is also not dangerous to use at night. However, it is the part of the day in which there are more storms. The pilots try to avoid them but, even if lightning struck the plane, nothing would happen. The last accident because of this was in 1967. The rains do not affect at all.

Both day and night, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes, a garment that covers you from the cold and easy to put on and take off shoes. During the night temperatures may drop.

Airlines low cost they are exactly equally safe than any other, since all flights must meet the same safety standards. Therefore, Ryanair or Vueling, although they offer cheaper trips, are no more dangerous than other companies.

In addition to winning in security, this medium is also the fastest. A commercial flight reaches an average of 900 km / h. The NASA X-43A drone holds the record, as it has reached 14,000 km / h.

Pregnant women up to approximately 34 weeks can fly, although they may need a medical certificate. If you are pregnant for more than 35 weeks, some airlines do not allow women to board, especially to avoid a delivery on board.

Babies under two years old usually travel in the same seat as the adult who accompanies them for free. Although they do not have the right to check in luggage, they can check in for free the stroller or other devices such as a folding cot.

You can take a car on a plane, but the price of this can reach € 25,000 round trip. The bikes They are free on some airlines such as Swiss or Air Berlin, while others like Iberia or Lufthansa charge a fee.

As for other means that fly, the helicopter is also safe. Hot air balloons have more limitations and need optimal atmospheric conditions. Although there are no such strict rules, rigorous checks are carried out before each trip.


The most modern train in Spain is the bird (Spanish High Speed), which communicates important points of the country with Madrid. Its main advantage is that it reaches the center of the cities. In addition, it is remarkably secure and already incorporates WiFi.

Children can travel alone on the AVE. If they are between 6 and 13 years old, you can request a supervision of the staff during the whole journey. It is managed when buying the ticket, in person and at least 48 hours before the trip.

Babies and children under four who do not occupy a seat can go for free. It is allowed to carry a cart, but it must be folded and stored with the rest of the bags.

As for luggage, three packages are allowed, which together cannot exceed 290 cm and 25 kg. The largest package cannot be larger than 85x55x35 cm. You can find more information in this article: Luggage in the AVE.

Each passenger has the right to carry an animal inside a carrier 60x35x35 cm. However, there is a restriction: the maximum weight of this must be 10 kg, so it is not allowed to carry a large cat or dog.

When obtaining the AVE ticket, Renfe offers the following rates:

  • Tourist: it can be Promo or Promo +, which allows the cancellation and change of ticket. You can also select the Flexible option to choose a seat.
  • Tourist Plus: It costs 20% more than the previous one. It will offer you a more comfortable seat.
  • Preferential: With this you will have free parking, Club Room (a special waiting room) and food on board.
  • 4 table: Four seats are bought together. This saves 60% on the general rate. Recommended for group trips.

Also, throughout the year you can find different offers, in which you can combine the train with an attraction or show, or travel every day in a more economical way.

This train has accessibility for people in wheelchairs. When purchasing the ticket, you must request the free Atendo service. With this, a specialized staff will help you get on and off the train.

You may be asked for your ID before entering the AVE. In addition, if you have benefited from a discount for owning the Youth Card, they may also ask you to show it.

Both in Spain and in other countries, it is possible to take a train to sleep in bed. It is a good option if, for example, you are touring Europe and want to make the most of the days.


An alternative way of traveling is to do it by bicycle. It is a healthy way to know calmly everything you find along the way and live a different adventure.

It is possible to make cycling routes in South America, Europe, Africa, etc. The fashion destination is Norway, where this medium is remarkably accepted due to the concern of its inhabitants for the environment.

If you decide to live this adventure, there are some tips what you should follow:

  • Carry basic luggage. Acquire saddlebags to transport it comfortably.
  • Have technical and breathable clothing, as well as rain jacket. The type of clothing varies from winter to summer.
  • Have all the security elements, such as the helmet or the rearview mirror.
  • Have a GPS for a bicycle or a map of the route you are going to travel.
  • Do not forget a backpack with first aid equipment, as well as the necessary instruments if you are going to camp.

It is also advisable to train beforehand and be physically and mentally fit to carry out this activity that can sometimes be hard.

If you are going to take another means of transport during the trip, it is a good idea to go by folding bike. Today there are high quality. However, they have lower performance than conventional mountain or road.

An option for those who do not have time to train is to go by electric bicycle. Also, the use of the recumbent bike is booming and is a different way of living this experience.

It is a recommended activity for the whole family and that even children will enjoy. You can even find special chairs to transport babies. Dogs can also accompany you, as there are numerous offers of baskets and special trailers for them.

One of the advantages of choosing the bicycle to travel, is that it is an economical way in which you can go with hardly any money. Currently, there are networks of people who welcome cyclists at home for free.

In Spain you can combine the train and the bicycle to make one-day routes. The railway network called Feve, which passes through Galicia among other communities, connects with a significant number of Greenways.


Some people decide to live an unforgettable experience and travel on foot. There are those who do it for a short period of time and travel routes such as the Camino de Santiago, in Spain. Others decide to go around the world, a task that takes them several years.

Performing this type of crossing is an important decision and one to be sure of. You have to be prepared and have the free time necessary to undertake it. In addition, although there are techniques to do it with little money, you should have a minimum of savings.

The basic tips for traveling on foot are as follows:

  • Plan the route before starting it
  • Carry luggage that you can carry on your back without problems
  • Know the climate of the area you are going to travel
  • Having a footwear previously used and that does not cause chafing
  • Be open and kind to people
  • Avoid dangerous areas
  • Be patient in the face of adversity


Another alternative to the plane is the car, which allows you to move with greater flexibility and know a greater number of places during a single route. You can also choose to travel by motorhome and thus combine transport with accommodation.

When the journeys are long, it is convenient to stop every two hours to rest, as well as sleep as necessary during the night. We must pay special attention to this if we travel with children.

Nowadays it is also possible to go by car without having one, since thanks to platforms like Blablacar you can share a vehicle. This method is safe, as participant data is recorded. However, it is advisable to tell someone you know the name of the driver and the car with which we are going.

There are some trains in which you can load your car, although each time this type is decreasing due to low demand. An example of these is the railway that runs through the Eurotunnel.

You can also travel on the road through the bus. In some Latin American countries like Mexico, there are several sections that are not safe. Therefore, it is advisable to travel without valuables and do so accompanied as much as possible.

You can also choose to move by motorcycle. It is a means that gives greater freedom. However, motorcycle accidents are more serious than those on board a car.

In some countries like Mexico, land transport is the most used by its inhabitants and takes a great advantage to other means such as the train.


There are hardly any cases of cruises that suffer accidents throughout the year. This is because it is a remarkably safe medium. The proper functioning of this depends on the crew, therefore, the most important thing is that the rules are respected. The ferries They have the same characteristics.

The advantages of traveling by cruise is that you have a wide variety of services and events within reach. Also, every day you are in a new place, so it is not a boring experience.

However, it has some drawbacks. The time in each city is scarce, so it does not allow to know them thoroughly. It is also not an advisable means for people who get dizzy easily.

Yes, it's first time that you are going to use this means of transport, these are some of the tips more important:

  • Find out about the necessary documentation and make sure you take it on boarding day
  • It has a universal adapter for the plugs
  • Read the daily information that is being broadcast on the ship
  • Choose a cabin away from noisy areas like nightclubs
  • Travel with the necessary medications, they are more expensive on board
  • Take out adequate insurance

On most trips it is mandatory to have a valid passport. There are even some countries where having a visa is a requirement. It all depends on the ports where the ship will stop.

The pregnant women They can embark on a cruise as long as they do not exceed 24 weeks gestation. However, there are some companies, such as Pullmantur, that have no limits. In any case, a medical report must be submitted.

As for babies, the minimum age is 6 or 12 months, also depending on the company. Children under 18 must go in the cabin with an adult. If the ship leaves from Canada or the United States, the same applies to those under 21.

There is usually a different offer for children. Some cruises, such as Disney, are thematic, so it is worth knowing them as a family. It is important that safety regulations are known so that no unforeseen occurrence during the trip. On the other hand, if you want to have a quiet trip without children, there are some offers that are intended for adults only.

Varied clothing must be worn. To know the cities, comfortable clothes and shoes are advisable. However, there are some shows and gala dinners in which it is mandatory to bring a look more elegant.

As for prices, there are different rates. Even the largest ship in the world, the Harmony of the Seas, it has offers that cannot be considered expensive. The most important companies worldwide are the following:

  • Carnival Cruise
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Princess Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Costa Cruises
  • MSC Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • AIDA Cruises
  • P&O Cruises
  • Pullmantur

The best date To choose one of these experiences depends on the destination you go to. In the Caribbean, July and August should be avoided, while in Alaska it is recommended to go between May and September. You can go to the Mediterranean and Pacific throughout the year.

In the case of Latin America, these are some of the countries from which cruise ships depart:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Dominican Republic
  • Uruguay

The choice of traveling by boat or plane depends on the tastes and priorities of each person. The cruises focus on enjoying during the journey, while the objective of the plane is to arrive as soon as possible to your destination.

User Questions

What is the fastest land transport in the world?

The fastest car in the world is the Hennessey Venom GT, which can reach 435 kilometers per hour.

What is the most ecological transport?

The most ecological environment in the world is the bicycle, since it does not consume any type of fuel and therefore does not produce pollution.

What pollutes more, an airplane or a car?

Although in general terms it pollutes the plane more, this may be relative. If a person goes alone in a large car, it is having the same impact on the atmosphere as if he had decided to catch a flight.

What is the most used means of transport worldwide?

Although many people think it is the car, it is not so. In the world we find 1.4 billion bicycles, while there are 400 million cars.

What is the cheapest transport to travel around Europe?

Depending on the age and number of people who make the trip. If you are between 12 and 27 years old, an economical option is to travel by train with the Interrail pass. However, if a car is full, it can also be cheap.

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