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Christmas holidays in the snow

Most of us expect the Christmas holidays to spend a moment with the family and enjoy a few days of relaxation, however, these dates can be somewhat overwhelming due to the hustle and bustle of the commercial advertising, so if you are going to prepare some small Christmas holidays we propose you to do something different like passing the Christmas parties in the snow.

For the Christmas holidays We can organize a getaway to a country house or a chalet, either as a couple or in a group of friends or family in order to reduce expenses and have a fun family time.

If we do not plan to leave Spain we can visit the Valle de Tena in Aragón in the center of the Tensino Glacier Circus. In this place we will find offers to rent apartments in Piedrafita de Jaca being located more than one thousand three hundred meters high (here we will have a 360 ° panoramic view of the mountain peaks).

In this destination we can make all series of outdoor adventure activities such as descending through canyons, boating, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, quads, rappelling, rafting, paragliding, among others.

If we are looking for destinations outside Spain for ski this christmas or enjoy the landscape with lots of snow around, we can Travel to France. In this country we will find castles and museums that will transport us to other historical eras and ideal spaces for skiing.

Another traditional destination for travel at christmas to ski are the Swiss Alps. Here we can rent a classic wooden cabin or cottage and enjoy a unforgettable christmas With our natural tree, ornaments, sweets, ski days and climbs.

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