Cíes Islands – Vigo

The Cies Island They are one of the most important tourist destinations in Galicia. Located at the entrance of the Vigo estuary, in the Rías Baixas, about 14 kilometers from the city of Vigo, municipality to which they belong, form a natural barrier between the estuary and the sea.

They are part of National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia and they are in the Natura 2000 Network European And they have a very high ecological value, richness that is reflected in the beauty of their landscapes, forming a true paradise.

The archipelago is formed by three major islands: Monteagudo or del Norte, del Faro and San Martiño or del Sur, and a series of islets. The islands of Monteagudo and del Faro are joined by a sandbar, the Rhodes Beach (with Blue flag), and a stone bridge that form an inner lagoon known as two Nenos. The The Guardian newspaper, in 2007, declared the beach of Rhodes as the most beautiful in the world.
Other Beaches highly valued are that of Our Lady and Figueras, known as of the Germans, which is for nudists.

You can only visit them in summer and Easter, if the weather permits, through the regular catamarans service of Naviera Mar de Ons. Access is limited to 2,200 people daily and you must request a special card to enter the islands in the port.

A camping With top-notch services it is the only place where you can spend the night. It has 800 seats and must be pre-booked.
Such is its beauty that, legend counts, God rested there on the seventh day of Creation of the world.

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