Culture and traditions

Circuits in Tunisia

The holiday season could start with Tunisia if we plan our trip in advance.

We propose this travel traveler route.

desert tunes

Tozeur: This is the oasis of Tunisia with an extensive palm grove that refreshes the view after so much sand. There are already mega hotels worthy of any wealthy traveler in the area.


Tunisia: Your next destination on the route. The capital city is a must. Use it as your entrance and exit bridge.

Douz: the last door inhabited before Shara. Here the march begins some Bedouins who live in a nomadic way. Douz is extremely touristy when hosting oasis and desert Typical of nomadic life.


Matmata: the peak of the visit to Tunisia. This town was known worldwide thanks to the filming of the Star Wars. Here although there are no settlers you can find accommodation and hotels of all media. Its picturesque houses are mostly at the edge of the ground, so it may seem strange to the visitor not to see them and see only part of an antenna coming out of the sand.

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