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Claim in case of cancellation of a flight

If we have all our scheduled trip but this is not confirmed and the air Line indicates a cancellation of it, it is important that the passengers Let us know our rights when submitting the corresponding claim.

Flight cancellation

To make the claim we will need to have our reservation confirmed on the flight, that is, our plane ticket – either in print or electronic version – or some other proof of registration on the airline. Then we must have submitted to bill at the times indicated by the air Line or a minimum of forty-five minutes in advance if the plane ticket does not indicate a specific time.

If we have these requirements we will have the right to refund, this may be the amount of the ticket or receiving an alternative of airline transportation so as not to be harmed by the cancellation of the flight. In relation to these alternatives we must keep in mind that the ticket cost refund It can be done within seven days, so if what we need is to travel immediately, what we need to do is request to be placed on another flight.

If you cannot find a place on a flight within the next 24 hours, the airline will have to offer accommodation and transportation between the hotel and the airport so as not to be economically impaired.

Apart, The airline you must compensate us for the flight cancellation: If the flight was less than 1500 kilometers we must be compensated with 250 euros and if it was 1500 to 3500 kilometers with 400 euros (these values ​​apply within the European Union).

The compensation will not apply if the flight cancellation escapes the airline controls (especially related to weather conditions), for security risks or for any strike that may affect the correct performance of workers. In addition, it does not apply if the cancellation has been communicated at least two weeks in advance or if passengers are offered a travel alternative that does not exceed two hours late in relation to the initial flight and four hours late in relation to the expected arrival time.

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