Cliff of the Giants – Tenerife

The cliffs of The Giants they are part of Teno Mountains. These cliffs occupy a coastal strip about 10 kilometers long on the west coast of the island of Tenerife.

With a height of between 600 and 300 meters above sea level they are the highest and most spectacular on the island. Few ravines you can find in this wall, some are those of Barranco Seco, Carrizales or Juan López.

All the ravines end up forming beaches and coves of natural sand that are worth visiting. Its seabed contains a wealth that attracts deep sea fishermen and divers who arrive by boat to the area since access from land is very difficult.

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The Guanches called them “Wall of Hell”, for the blackness of its basaltic rock of volcanic origin and for being impassable from the sea. Fortunately, sea excursions depart that will let you appreciate the grandeur of the place.

At the foot of the cliffs you will find the urbanization of the same name, about 30 kilometers away from Las Americas beach, to the northwest. This town retains the tranquility of a beach that is not crowded and its volcanic sands are really striking.

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