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Climate – Almeria

The Almeria weather it is inframediterranean-sub-desert. The main feature is the total absence of frost and very little rainfall, with an annual average of 145mm. We could say that it is almost a desert. Sometimes torrential rains have been documented that caused severe flooding, but they are unusual events.

Almeria clown

It has an annual average of almost 3,000 hours of sun, being one of the sunniest cities in Europe. The maximum annual average temperature recorded is 27.6ºC and the minimum average in winter is 8.8ºC. The average annual temperature is around 18 / 19ºC, with a very curious detail: in winter the water temperature is usually higher than that of the air.

Almeria Spring

Thus, Almeria becomes a attractive tourist destination all year, being able to carry out active, cultural, ecotourism or sun and beach sports.

Winter's sun

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