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Climate – Amsterdam

Amsterdam have a weather moderate, under the strong influence of Atlantic Ocean to the west and the winds that come from it. The humidity is a constant during the year, so the feeling of cold and heat is usually greater.

Fog in Amsterdam

During the winter The days are short, with up to 8 hours of sunlight. January and February are the coldest months with minimum temperatures of -1 ° C and maximum temperatures of 5 ° C. This time may be too cold to go for a walk in the city. The summers They are warm, with July and August being the months with the highest average temperature (22 ° C). The spring, in April it is special in Amsterdam since it is the time when tulips bloom

Amsterdam tulips

Although the city suffers many days rainy, it does not receive more than 760mm of rainfall per year and it is almost always very moderate showers. The weather is very unstable and in the same day you can give all the possibilities: sun, rain, clouds, hail, etc.

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