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Climate – Austria

Austria’s climate is characterized by frequent rains in winter, but it is in these months that winter sports take center stage, the Sky Resort They receive a large influx of public from December to the end of March, as Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays arrive, the number of tourists is increasing. In these months it snows a lot, that’s why all white sports can be practiced.

Mountains in winter

In winter the temperature can reach up to -3 ° C, while summer is very mild, sunny, and reaches 25 ° C. Keep in mind that in the Alps the summers are shorter and the winters are longer, so almost all year long you can practice snow sports.

Snowing in Vienna

Without a doubt it is between July and August that the high season, the prices are very high. That is why the best time to visit Austria is between May and September, when winter ends, spring begins and you reach some summer. In June, spring begins, the Alps thaw to cover themselves with wild flowers.

Mountains with flowers

We recommend wearing a coat if you will visit the alpine areasIn general, long-sleeved polo shirts, with vests work well because if you decide to practice sky you will also get hot in the middle of the snow.

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