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Climate – Berlin

The weather in Berlin It is characterized by being continental. The winters They can be very cold while their summers are warm and sunny. If you want to visit the city in a hot month, we recommend you to do it between June, July and August, at this time it can reach temperatures of 30ºC, although the most normal thing is that they fluctuate between 24 and 25ºC. Luckily the summer It’s not stifling, and Berlin stays cool.

Cold winters

During December, January and February the cold is inclement, the temperature can be below 0ºC, although it is an ideal season for those who enjoy skiing because snows Frequently, keep in mind that humidity and strong winds are classic everyday. During the year there are rains but there is no specific season where they occur to a greater extent.

Nevada in Berlin

If you travel in summer we recommend you to wear light clothes worse do not forget to pack a coat, especially for the afternoons or mornings. The garments of wool They are ideal for spring and autumn, do not neglect long pants. In winter if it is necessary that you load with a lot of warm clothes, the low temperatures are unbearable unless you are well protected, nights They are colder yet.

Summer in Berlin

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