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Climate – Brazil

Taking into account that Brazil such a large country is natural that it has different climates and that temperatures and climatic conditions vary from city to city. However, we must not forget that 90 percent of the country is in tropical zone.

Brazil climate

That is why the climate changes radically from north, northwest and tropical north to the more temperate zones. You can distinguish up to six climatic regions in Brazil. The Ecuadorian region, tropical, semi-arid, tropical highland, temperate and subtropical.

Temperatures in cities like Belo Horizonte and Brasilia, the capital ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. By his side, Rio de Janiero, Recife and Branr have temperatures that vary from 23 to 27 degrees Celsius. With this it would seem that the climates are generously warm or hot in the South American country. However, in cities like Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre Temperatures can fall below 0 degrees Celsius.

Brazil in summer

The Brazilian zone that belongs to the Amazon jungle It is rather humid and the rains are constant throughout most of the year. There are only three or five months a year in which this region enjoys dryness.

In Brazil There are very modern and reliable methods to predict the type of climate that will accompany its population in each city of the country. Therefore it is advisable to listen to the weather forecast one night before to know how to dress and take appropriate precautions.

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