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Climate – Cusco

Cusco It is a city located at 3400 meters above sea level. Its climate has two seasons: the Rainy Season that lasts from November to May and the Dry Station that lasts from April to October.

Rain in Cuzco

Within these stations we can find various climates:

Warm climates: They can be dry and / or wet. Dry climates occur in the lower yungas in the Apurimac River Basin, in the center and southwest of the department. Humid climates that belong to the low jungle areas.

Temperate Climates: which can also be wet or dry and occur in the central area of ​​the department. In the places closest to the east, it is wetter and near the west the climate is drier.

Macchu Picchu

Cold climates: They can also be wet or dry and correspond to the areas of greater height, that is above 3800 meters.

For travel to Cusco We must take into account two factors, the first is that there is a risk that we will suffer from altitude sickness (soroche), the same that usually happens with rest and consumption of hot drinks, but, there are people who are very affected and They should receive medical attention.

Climate of Cuzco

And, as in all the sierra of Peru, we will find the phenomenon of thermal contrast, which causes only heat to be felt in the areas where the sun’s rays fall.

For these two factors, it is always recommended to have raincoats and warm jackets on hand. Rains are usually torrential and almost always fall in the afternoon, it is better to be prepared.

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