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Climate – Denmark

As we mentioned before, although thanks to its northern latitude Denmark enjoys a mild weather, it is in winter that you start the strong cold and the hours of daylight are less. The four seasons are very marked in this territory, summers are usually hot and cool, but winters are particularly more intense. It is because of this that the tourist premises open only in April and close again in October.

Royal Palace in winter

That is why the months that are most recommended for visiting Denmark are May and JuneIn these months the gardens look green and full of life, the weather is extremely calm and tourists do not arrive on large scales. But do not think that autumn is not a good date, without a doubt, although the landscapes do not look splendid, it is also a pleasant season to visit the country.

Summers in Denmark

The high season It starts in July and it is until August that you can enjoy a very cool atmosphere, open-air concerts are given, and street activities are more frequent, you can also enjoy the beaches. And if that were not enough, it is in this season that museums and well-known tourist attractions enjoy more extended schedules.

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